1. There is no scientific study to determine whether vaccines have really prevented diseases. Rather disease graphs show vaccines have been introduced at the end of epidemics when the disease was already in its last stages. In case of Small Pox the vaccine actually caused a great spurt in the incidence of disease before public outcry led to its withdrawal.

2. There are no long-term studies on vaccine safety. Very short-term tests are carried out where the vaccinated subjects are checked against another group who are given another vaccine. Technically the tests should be carried out against a non-vaccinated group. No one really knows what protocols are followed at such industry based or industry sponsored trials.

3. There has never been any official attempt to compare a vaccinated population against a non- vaccinated population to know what vaccines are doing to the children and the society. Independent private studies (Dutch & German and the most recent KIGGS (Aug 2011) study involving 7724 children worldwide) have revealed that vaccinated children suffer much more than their un-vaccinated counterparts.

4. The child receives not one but many vaccines. There are practically no tests to determine the effects of multiple vaccines.

5. There is no scientific basis for vaccinating infants. As per senior doctors quoted by the Times of India, “Children suffer from less that 2% of vaccine preventable illnesses but 98% of the vaccines are targeted towards them.” The vaccine pioneers who have recommended abundant caution before vaccinating the population have never advocated regular mass vaccinations without any threat in sight.

6. Children are vaccinated simply because parents can be frightened to forcefully vaccinate their children. Vaccinating infants is the most profitable business both for the manufacturers as well as the doctors. This makes vaccine makers lobby for all vaccines to be included in the childhood vaccination schedule. Schools are also instigated to require their wards to be “fully vaccinated”. Very recently in the National Vaccine Policy draft the government of India has fallen into the trap and decided to legitimize all vaccines available in the market brushing aside recommendations by very senior doctors and medical scientists who have said that the policy is “irrational”.

7. Infants, who are advised ONLY mothers milk till the age of six months and beyond because their fragile system will not tolerate anything else are given 36 extremely toxic vaccine shots, including booster doses, an act that defies both logic and science.

8. The Government of India has come out with a quarter page advertisement in The Hindu warning parents not to vaccinate beyond the Government approved vaccines. Parents have been advised against vaccinating in private clinics and hospitals.

9. The Orissa Chapter of the Indian Association of Pediatricians has admitted in a letter to the CM, Orissa, that private clinic and hospitals are ill equipped to store vaccines and warned parents not to vaccinate upon the advice of private practitioners and hospitals. In a recent private survey in India 94% of the doctors surveyed expressed concerns about the maintenance of the cold chain in India, 54% of the doctors have said they are afraid of vaccinating their own children and 88% fear that vaccines are unsafe.



11. Vaccines contain highly toxic metals, cancer causing substances, toxic chemicals, live and genetically modified viruses, bacteria and toxoids, contaminated serum containing animal viruses and foreign genetic material, extremely toxic de-contaminants and adjuvants, untested antibiotics, none of which can be injected without causing any harm.

12. The mercury, aluminum and live viruses in vaccines may be behind the huge epidemic of autism (1 in 110 in the USA, 1 in 10 worldwide as per doctors in the USA, 1 in 38 in South Korea, 1 in 37 as per a private study by doctors in New Delhi), a fact that (vaccines cause autism) has been admitted by the US Vaccine Court. About 83 suspected cases of vaccines causing autism have been awarded compensation.

13. The CDC of USA, the vaccine watchdog, has publicly admitted that its much-publicized 2003 study denying any link between vaccines and autism is flawed. The Chief of CDC Dr. Julie Gerberding (now head of the Vaccine Division of Merck) has confessed to the media (CNN) that vaccines can cause “autism like symptoms”. The Autism epidemic is found in all countries that have allowed mass vaccinations.

14. In the year 1999, the US Government instructed vaccine manufacturers in the USA to remove mercury from vaccines “with immediate effect”. But mercury still remains a part of many vaccines. The vaccines with mercury were never recalled and were given to children up to the year 2006. “Mercury free” vaccines contain 0.05mcg to 0.1mcg of mercury, still posing a danger to the infant considering that mercury tends to accumulate in the body and that there are today many sources of mercury exposure. As per an American Academy of Pediatricians study: “Mercury in all of its forms is toxic to the fetus and children and efforts should be made to reduce exposure to the extent possible to pregnant women and children as well as the general population.”


16. In a reply to then President Sri Abdul Kalam, the Health Ministry informed, “mercury is required to make the vaccines safe”. To the author’s query that “what are these vaccines that it requires the second most dangerous neurotoxin, mercury, to make them safe?” there was no reply.

17. Mercury used in vaccines is second in toxicity only to the radioactive substance, Uranium. Mercury is 1000 times more toxic than lead. It is a neurotoxin that can damage the entire nervous system of the infant. According to a study by Dr. Teresa Binstock et al, more than 200 symptoms of autism match completely with symptoms of mercury poisoning. This study created a furor in the US political establishment and angry Congressmen demanded a ban on mercury in vaccines. The US Government responded by recommending that mercury not be used in vaccines. The industry did reduce the quantum of mercury in some single use vaccine vials but certain vaccines in the USA continue to have mercury in large quantities as an ingredient. In spite of pressure mounted by advocacy groups the vaccine manufacturers have refused to make available vaccines available to the developing world. Eli Lily, the manufacturer of the controversial mercury containing compound thimerosal has considerable influence in the political circles and many prominent international politicians have shares in this company.

18. Mercury accumulates in fat. The brain being made mostly of fat cells, most of the mercury accumulates there and may be contributing to the peculiar symptoms of the autistic children. Interestingly the ethyl mercury that is used in vaccines can cross the blood brain barrier and has a greater tendency to accumulate in the brain. It has also the tendency to remain there for a long time, in many cases permanently. This presence is devastating to both the neurons and the brain cells.

19. The mercury used in vaccines is ethyl mercury. According to Indian doctors this is an industrial toxin and is 1000 times more toxic than the usual methyl mercury. Ethyl mercury is absorbed into the body faster than methyl mercury and converts into inorganic mercury which tends to become a permanent fixture in the brain.

20. The aluminum present in vaccines makes the mercury, in any form, 100 times more toxic through a process called synergistic toxicity. Aluminum is used in very large doses in vaccines ostensibly to cause an immune reaction. According to a very recent study, “it causes cells to give up their DNA”.

21. As per an independent study aluminum and formaldehyde present in vaccines can increase the toxicity of mercury, in any form, by 1000 times.

22. As per a Tehelka article on Autism, if one considers the WHO limit for mercury in water, they are receiving 50,000 times the limit. The limits set, incidentally, are for adults and not infants.

23. Autism in India has emerged as the most rapidly growing epidemic amongst children, more than the growth of infantile diabetes, AIDS and cancer combined. As per a private study done by doctors in New Delhi, from 1 in 500 it has steadily climbed to 1 in 37 today. As per Indian doctors, “You can go to any class of any school today and find an autistic child.” Sonia Gandhi, the Chairperson of the Autism Society of India, has on 25th July 2011 declared in an International Autism Conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh that 8 million children in India suffer from this debilitating spectrum disorder, the growth of which has baffled medical scientists.

24. Autism is a permanent disability that affects the child physically, mentally and emotionally. It makes the child loose social contact. It impedes both the physical and mental growth of the child. It destroys the brain causing severe memory and attention problems. It also destroys the immune system and causes very severe damage to the guts. The majority of symptoms displayed by autistic children match symptoms of vaccine strain virus insult and heavy metal poisoning.

25. According to vaccine researcher Dr. Harris Coulter, vaccines cause children to become pervert and criminal, traced to the encephalopathy (a brain disorder) caused by the toxins in vaccines. Majority of the school shootings by the children in the USA have been committed by autistic children. Vaccines can cause more harm that even the medical community privately acknowledges.

26. Autistic children also suffer from severe bowel disorders. As per Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a reputed gastroenterologist of the UK, this is due to the vaccine strain live measles virus in the MMR vaccine. Many children become fully autistic after the MMR shot, as reported by the parents and the doctors treating the children. Dr. Wakefield found the vaccine strain measles virus in the blood, guts, tissue and the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF) of autistic children. This finding has been confirmed by many other studies published since then (Dr. Timothy Buie, Dr. V K Singh, Kawashima et al, Dr. James Walker Smith et al). However in a politically motivated move doctor Wakefield was pulled up for his finding and disgraced by the UK Government which had introduced the MMR vaccine, his license to practice in the UK was cancelled and his case study pulled out of the Lancet. He now practices in The Thoughtful House in the USA where he treats autistic children. As per a recent study the MMR vaccine has an adverse effect on the vital mucosal immune system. The very basis of trying to prevent childhood Mumps and Measles has been questioned in this study.

27. The DPT also causes children to regress giving rise to fears that multiple bacteria/toxoids/ live virus vaccines are an important cause behind autism. If three live viruses can cause so much harm we can well imagine what today’s Pentavalent, septavalent and 10 valent vaccines will do to children.

28. Before the autism epidemic, it was already well known that vaccines have caused the cancer epidemic in today’s society. Both the Small Pox and the Oral Polio Vaccine are made from monkey serum. This serum has helped many monkey viruses to enter the human blood stream. Out of these the only researched virus, SV 40, has been found to be cancerous. As per recent revelations these viruses continue to be in the vaccines. The presence of SV 40 in various human cancers has been demonstrated. Today it is known that the virus is being passed on to future generations as its presence in the mother’s milk and human sperms has been established.

29. It is also known that it is the use of green monkey serum in vaccines that has led to the transfer of the Simian Immune deficiency Virus (SIV) from monkeys into humans. As per Dr Robert Gallo, the discoverer of the Human Immune deficiency Virus, the SIV and the HIV that causes AIDS are indistinguishable.

30. Not only AIDS, a blood cancer in infants (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) that is affecting children in thousands may also be primarily due to the extremely toxic nature of vaccine ingredients injected directly into the blood stream. This concern has been voiced to the author by a reputed oncologist of a hospital in Mumbai that treats children with the disorder.

31. Infantile jaundice and also infantile diabetes is also scientifically connected to the toxic vaccines.

32. The live polio viruses used in the Oral Polio Vaccine has caused Vaccine Attributed Paralytic Polio (500 to 600 cases a year in India as per investigating doctors) and Acute Flaccid Paralysis (symptoms indistinguishable from polio) in more than 1,25,000 children (up to the year 2006) as per doctors of the Indian Medical Association and the Jana Swasthya Abhiyan. The OPV has also let loose a new strain of polio in both India and Africa. The OPV has been discontinued in the USA & European countries. A monovalent OPV has been experimentally administered to Indian children in gross violation of clinical trial protocols. This caused cases of AFP to double in areas where this vaccine was administered.

33. Vaccines contain serum from not only chimpanzees and monkeys but also from cows, pigs, chickens, eggs, horses, and even human tissues (cell lines) extracted from aborted fetuses.

34. Deaths and permanent disability from vaccines is common and known by the medical community. They are instructed by the Government to keep quiet and not to associate such cases with vaccines as disclosed by the doctors of the IMA while unfolding the OPV scandal. The public comes to know only when the cases are highlighted by the media.

35. Many doctors argue that diseases during childhood are due to the body exercising its immune system. Suppressing these diseases causes the immune system to remain undeveloped causing the various autoimmune disorders in adults like diabetes and arthritis that have become epidemics today.

36. Vaccines suppress the natural immunity and the body does not have natural antibodies anymore. The mother’s milk therefore does not contain natural antibodies and can no longer protect the child against illnesses.

37. By stimulating humoral (blood related) immunity alone vaccines have caused an imbalance in the whole immune set up (referred to as the TH1-TH2 imbalance and a resultant shift to TH2) leading to an alarming increase in auto immune disorders. This is acknowledged by the immunologists themselves.

38. In the USA vaccine adverse effects are recorded and the Government offers compensation of millions of dollars to victims (the most recent case in its Vaccine Court may have received up to $200 million in damages). The courts in the USA have paid nearly $ 2 billion in damages so far. The Indian Government simply refuses to acknowledge that vaccines can cause deaths and permanent disability, let alone compensate, treat and rehabilitate the unfortunate victims.

39. It has been scientifically proven that vaccines cannot prevent disease. Vaccines try to create humoral (blood related immunity) whereas it has been found that immunity is developed at various levels, humoral, cellular, and organ specific. We still do not know enough about the human immune system and therefore should not interfere with it. According to concerned immunologists the “saint like immune system can convert into a massive negative force that can put the devil into shame” if interfered with unnecessarily.

40. In the USA parents are informed about vaccine after effects and their consent has to be taken before vaccinating their children. Parents in the USA can also opt out of the vaccination process by submitting various exemption forms. In India the Government assures the population through massive advertising campaigns that vaccines are extremely safe. Parents refusing to vaccinate are threatened by the administration.

41. THERE IS NO SYSTEM OF TREATMENT TO TREAT A VACCINE DAMAGED CHILD. The parents have to run from one hospital to another. The Government turns a blind eye and refuses to even acknowledge the vaccine connection. Attempts by highly qualified doctors worldwide to treat autistic children through biomedical interventions like supplying essential nutrients, diet correction, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and flushing out heavy metals and toxins from the body etc have been frowned upon and discouraged. Doctors have even been persecuted for treating autistic children mainly because these doctors tend to find out that the vaccines have caused the damage and raise their voices against them.

42. Senior medical doctors of India and senior medical scientists have challenged even the vaccines recommended by the Government of India. According to Dr. P M Bhargava, the BCG vaccine for tuberculosis has been extensively tested in India as long back as 1961 and found to be totally ineffective (in fact tuberculosis in the vaccinated group was found to be more than in the control group!). The OPV is causing polio in tens of thousands of Indian children. The Hep-B vaccine introduced into the UPI recently is not meant for children at all, it is a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease that should be targeted only at promiscuous adults. The tetanus vaccine contains both aluminum and mercury besides the tetanus toxoid. The doctors themselves avoid giving the DPT to their children and relatives as per a survey amongst US health care professionals. The measles vaccine is one that regularly causes severe adverse effects and the health workers I have interviewed want it out. Recently Doctor T Jacob John has called for screening children for inherent illnesses and the presence of a doctor while administering the measles vaccine. RTI activists have sourced data showing that deaths from vaccines are highest in case of the measles vaccine. Doctor Ajay Gambhir, a very senior member of the IAP, too supports extensive screening of children before administering any vaccine. According to him children suffering from any illness, with any family history of autoimmune illnesses, any past reactions from vaccines, should not be administered vaccines. According to him the parents of children need to be told that they have the choice not to vaccinate.

43. The pediatricians are introducing dubious vaccines in India, which are being opposed by the doctors, politicians, and public in American and European countries. The Rotavirus vaccine, Hib vaccine, HPV vaccine (involved in a scam in India), the Pentavalent vaccine and the various multi virus vaccines being introduced without any kind of testing and without any need is only because the vaccine manufacturers and the doctors administering them want to ensure a good income from them. They care two hoots about medical ethics and the fate of the children who will receive these vaccines. Vaccines containing nano particles and viruses and also plant based or otherwise genetically modified vaccines are being opposed by independent doctors worldwide.

44. Various independent studies, notably the Dutch and the more recent German study, (also the recent KIGGS study involving 7724 children) comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated children has found that vaccinated children are more prone to asthma, dermatitis, allergies, development delays, attention deficit disorders, hyperactivity etc. According to the German study, the death rate amongst vaccinated children is much more than the unvaccinated ones.

45. Vaccination, being a mass medical program which is accepted without question, becomes the perfect launching pad for bioterrorism. The powerful countries can spread lethal epidemics by just polluting the vaccines with bio warfare agents. The USA has handed over vaccine research to a bioterrorism research unit called the BARDA which functions under the Pentagon. A warning to this effect has been sounded by the Vice President IAP in a letter to the Director General Health Services in India.

46. Besides “investigating” doing the same with the small pox virus, it is reported that a “weapons grade” bird flu vaccine has already been devised by the Pentagon to be used as a bio warfare agent.

47. Vaccines have also been used to ensure population control. A batch of the tetanus vaccine has been used in many Asian countries to make the female population sterile. This was done by introducing a hormone that by inducing antibodies would abort the fetus when it is formed. In India, Saheli, a NGO fighting for the rights of women filed a PIL against this when the fact surfaced.

48. Mercury, a part of vaccines, is known to interfere with the endocrine system and induce sterility in both males and females. Polysorbate 80, another ingredient of vaccines, and also Squalene is known to cause sterility.

49. Through a new Public Health Bill that is being drafted the Government of India is planning to introduce forced vaccinations and threaten anti-vaccination activists with steep fines and jail terms. This is obviously at the instance of foreign (read US) vaccine giants who are shifting base to India reeling at the tremendous opposition to vaccines in US and European countries. The government of India is planning a “vaccine park” at Chennai where these vaccine MNCs will set up base. This itself is an act of bioterrorism which ironically the proposed bill seeks to oppose.

50. As per the Institute Of Medicine, USA, vaccine research for a probable link between vaccines and autism should not be conducted. The Institute of Medicine in its last report on vaccines and autism in 2004 said that more research on the vaccine question is counterproductive: Finding a susceptibility to this risk in some infants would call into question the universal vaccination strategy that is a bedrock of immunization programs and could lead to widespread rejection of vaccines. The IOM concluded that efforts to find a link between vaccines and autism “must be balanced against the broader benefit of the current vaccine program for all children”. However inherently biased studies that try to disprove a link between vaccines and autism have been allowed and funded by the CDC. The Principal Coordinator of many of these studies (referred to as The Danish Studies) Dr. Paul Thorsen, has recently been in the news for money laundering and fraudulently misappropriating a huge chunk of research funds channeled towards these studies calling into question the veracity of the conclusion reached in these studies. The CDC study done by Dr. Thomas Verstraeten manipulated data as revealed by RTI activists. Dr. Verstraeten later joined a vaccine MNC. (Early in his study, the lead author, CDC’s Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, found statistically significant associations between the amount of mercury (thimerosal) exposure children got from their childhood vaccines, and a wide range of brain disorders. However, the published version of the study (the one the authors say is accurate) found no evidence of a link to autism. Not disclosed was that Dr. Verstraeten had left CDC midstream during the study and had gone to work for Glaxo, a vaccine manufacturer).

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    This is total crap. Did a complete idiot write this? Every statement is fraudulent, and people will die or be handicapped because of this tripe. Stop spreading rumors, and read some independent scientific studies.

    • cellogirl

      You really need to research a bit more, buddy. Blaming Jenny McCarthy is the most ridiculous statement ever. Where do you think she got her research from? She just made this shit up? There are hundreds of doctors, scientists and immunoligists that have been warning about this for years and years. It is only now that actual people with actual damaged babies are speaking out. It’s going to be a real shit show in about 10 years. Mark my word.

      • Lola Hoffman

        In 10 years? People have been using vaccines since 1796. If they are so evil why will it suddenly be known in 10 years?

      • Daniel Sinnott

        cellogirl – yes, she made some of it up, the rest she googled from what other people made up.

        • Liz Turner

          And how do you know that Daniel? Who are you to accuse someone of lying just because you happen to disagree with their perspective?

          • Daniel Sinnott

            Because Liz, Jenny McCarthy has NO qualifications to even begin to understand the intricacies of viruses, immunology, pathology, microbiology, public health science and any number of other specialities that good people dedicate their lives towards helping those who are at risk from disease.

            Instead she takes her information from idiot conspiracists and so called “natural” health websies where people believe in the most ridiculous things.
            Among them;
            9/11 was an inside government job
            the leaders of the world are shape-shifting reptillian aliens
            all doctors are part of a worldwide conspiracy…just think about that one for a moment
            The illuminati (too many Dan Brown novels)
            AIDS denialism
            That water fluoridation is undertaken to make people submissive to the new world order
            And any number of other batshit-crazy ideas.

            On the other hand I take my information from qualified scientists who publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals which are open to further testing and substantiation by other QUALIFIED individuals

            And I will judge anti-vaxxers by the crazy company they keep.

          • Ian Greer

            Obviously he’s someone with a brain.

      • Cordel

        Yes, first she read falsified information, and then she started making stuff up, including claiming that her son “got over” autism, something that cannot, does not happen.

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    #48, no current vaccines use mercury. This is a complaint for 20 years ago.

    • Benny Goerke

      Go to the CDC website, you will find several flu vaccines that still contain Thimerosol, a Mercury containing preservative. It’s not just the Mercury that we should be concerned with. The research is out there.

      • Snowy

        Any amount of mercury in a vaccine is so small that you get more from a serving or two of fish.

        • Aslan

          About the mercury, first if all, what you stated is absolutely not true. Second of all, it isn’t just the mercury that disgusts truth inquiring parents who seek to do what is best for their children…that’s called health freedom and informed consent.
          Next, we have aluminum, msg, antifreeze…ANTIFREEZE.relly, good grief, it’s a known fact that people don’t leave antifreeze spilled around because cats and dog like to lick it up due to it’s sweetness, but then after ingesting it, they die, shortly thereafter because it is so caustic and poisonous. but you don’t have a problem ingesting it, what is wrong with you? Human diploid derived from aborted fetal cells….I’ll say it again for you, you do not get good health and long life by inject ting dead things into your children’s veins. I am absolutely dumb founded that your side of the debate refuses to question the ingredient list. Monkey RNA…omg….really, monkey anything injected into a human is pulling the wool over your self righteous all knowing self. Wake up….read the ingredients, read the writing in the wall. Live virus, no thanks…I’ll not be injecting anything viral into my children. It is absolutely insane at the arguments and bullying that gets done in the name of being a good citizen and a good patient. I’d rather take the high road, I’d rather indulge your insults and bully. I even find it entertaining when you enter a forum stomping your feet at how audacious those no vax parents are.
          Truth is, and it is revealing itself every second of the day…our un vaccinated children are far healthier than your highly up to date vaxxed children. What an ignorant harm you do your children! You reap what you sew, so I hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor and ignorance.
          Again, it has nothing to do with the mercury, it has to do with the lie, genocide and money trail ever funding yachts and beach homes because for the love of money is the root of all evil.
          This push they are engaging in now to vax the entire adult population is just more money and more sickness. With all of the people vaccinated, the health deteriorates, the cancer soars and the neurological damage abounds. In time, the unvaccinated will be caring for you vaccine damaged population because you will be to sick to care for yourself.

          • ASLAN

            Wow…what an asshole….I don’t have cable tv either. ITS CALLED PROGRAMMING FOR A REASON. Your side of the debate are a bunch of whiny liars. I would never inject my kids with dead components of anything along with known neurotoxins. And you call me living under a rock. I’m fine with your insults…and I’m fine with the task of keeping my unvaxxed kid unvaxxed. You are a prime example of the idiots spouting out garbage.
            Educate before you educate people….
            This pro vax push cult are losing their footing…

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    Polio is making a comeback in Muslim countries because Imams in Africa told their followers that Western nations are using immunizations to sterilize Muslims. Polio has returned to the U.S. via these countries. The anti – vaccine movement is helping the spread of polio. Thanks Jenny McCarthy.

    • Angus Matheson

      This website is so full of outright lies and dangerous misinformation I
      don’t know where to start. Antivaxxers are the dumbest motherfuckers on
      the planet.

    • Sandra

      Really? You think the parents like me that have researched for hundreds of hours base our decision on a celebrity? Proof that you are a sheeple. Educate yourself and SAVE a life by not vaccinating.

      • L.H

        The diseases that we vaccinate against have killed far more children than the vaccines themselves have. How are you going to feel if your child dies from a disease that could have been prevented?

        • Benny Goerke

          please name the diseases you talk about.
          all mayor diseases have been introduced by vaccination like spanish influenza for example.

          • kellymbray

            Really, exactly how did that come about? Please share the details.

      • Martin

        Oh really, you researched for HUNDREDS of hours? Did you run your own experiments? I have a feeling that you looked at a few poorly informed sites such as this one and called it research.

        • kellymbray

          The GoogleFu is powerful in this one.

      • Bobby smith

        Funny because if you did actual research…like as in, science-based…not moms on the internet saying ” i vaccinated and my kid caught autism!” you would be vaccinating. “Hundreds of hours”…lol. Yeah right.

      • concerned mom

        my god if you researched vaccines for hundreds of hours and ended up deciding not to vaccinate your children, you just might be the stupidest human being on the entire planet, and if we ever find out there is life on other planets, you might be a contender for the stupidest sentient being in the history of the observable universe. let me guess, you googled “vaccines bad?”, clicked the first link that said vaccines were bad, and immediately agreed with it because it was written by a “concerned mom” like you who clearly knows more about medicine than the people who studied it for 1/10th of their life.

  • K M

    Go to the CDC website, you will find several flu vaccines that still contain Thimerosol, a Mercury containing preservative. It’s not just the Mercury that we should be concerned with. The research is out there.

    • Ian Greer

      Go to your salt shaker. There’s chlorine in there. Chlorine is poison. Ergo, salt is poison!

    • JD

      I work with thimerosol on a daily basis making snake antivenom. Maybe if you ever get bitten by a snake, you should avoid that too.

  • Angus Matheson

    This website is so full of outright lies and dangerous misinformation I don’t know where to start. Antivaxxers are the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet. Fuck you.

  • Lola Hoffman

    It breaks my heart to know that some children will die from preventable diseases simply because their parents were trying to protect them by not getting them vaccinated. I’m all for questioning the safety of routine medical procedures, but this article is just poorly written. There are far too many grammatical and informational errors in this piece for me to type them all out here, but I would not consider this a reliable source of information. This is very one-sided. The article talks about how parents are frightened into vaccinating their children (or at least I assume that’s what the author was trying to say, although as I said before it is very poorly written) but attempts to frighten parents into NOT vaccinating their children. It seems very hypocritical. We may not know all of the long-term effects of vaccination, but the long-term effects of the diseases they are meant to prevent are known.

  • Richard Leevey

    For those of you who believe this crap, please don’t have your kids vaccinated. That will only help strengthen the gene pool.

    • Benny Goerke

      right . cause my kids will survive while your kids suffer from Poison.

      • Richard

        Yes all 5 of my adult children and my 9 grandchildren. All healthy, happy and all have been vaccinated from birth. You fucking moron.

      • Aud

        I’m pretty sure the “Poison” is the BleAch enemA you just forced on your child.

        • Liz Turner

          When did Benny Goerke ever mention a bleach enema?

  • Angie Gray

    my children and I don’t get the flue shot because it can harm more then good and no I’m not talking out my @** I do work in health care and have seen the harm it can do!!! Now for the others I pick and choose which ones are safe enough for my children, because yes studies have found a link to autism in some!!

    • Angie Gray

      and I’m now 34 and never had the flue shot or the flue till this year and it only lasted 24 hrs

      • Benny Goerke

        everyone i know ( including myself) that had a flu shot at least once , suffer from flu or influenza regularly. those that never had the shot stay healthy even if we share the glasses or kiss.during flu seasons.

      • kellymbray

        If it lasted for 24 hours it was not influenza.

        • Angie Gray

          yes hun I do take my kids to the Doctor and yes that is what was diagnosed as the flu from an actual doctor!! So there must be a 24 hr flu bug!!!

      • Dannie

        Only lasted 24 hours? Then it wasn’t the flu genius. Good grief!

      • grandmother

        I am 63 and have never had the flue except for the year that I had the flue shot. It’s a bout having a healthy livestyle

        • Angie Gray

          yes you are also right maybe that’s why my family doesn’t get sick often. we eat right and keep a healthy and happy life style

    • kellymbray

      ” I do work in health care” What do you do?

      • Angie Gray

        I have worked in many nursing homes as a CNA and now for the state of Il doing in home care!! So no Aud not at a desk thank you!! plus going back to school for medical Transcription!!

        • Angie Gray

          for all of you who think I am just a CNA your wrong I was a CNA for about 7 yrs. Moved on and went back to school I am now a PA thank you! now going for my medical Transcriptionist! So that I don’t have to work in an office with sick people and then bring it home to my kids! Not that I need to explain myself to anyone!! we all have our own opinions & decisions!!

    • Aud

      I’m guessing you work the front desk at a chiro office.

      • kellymbray

        That sounds like Mary Tocco. That would make you an expert..right?

    • youreanidiot555

      “Harm” is what you feed to your children, McDonalds preservatives and anything processed. So PLEASE just stop talking. Do us all a big favor.

    • sagsrg2014

      Love how you say you work in “health care” when you are a freaking CNA. Wiping people’s asses does NOT teach you about vaccines. OMG the people on here. God forbid.

      • Benny Goerke

        and being a doctor or a nurse doesnt teach you either.

    • Sharon

      This article is true. I was a Chemical Ops Specialist in the US Army. I know what I’m talking about, though sometimes I wish I didn’t…
      The last time I had a flu vaccine I was 8 years old. The last time I had the flu I was 8 years old.
      I recieved every vaccination on schedule for the chicken pox. I had the worse case of chicken pox my pediatrician had ever seen. The facts speak for themselves.

  • Mom

    FYI – professionals that have helped develop these vaccines are coming out and saying the dangers of the vaccine are greater than most of the diseases themselves. I could provide links, but it’s obvious you all know how to Google something . . . . so do it.

    • Martin

      Which vaccine has been proven to be worse than the effects of polio or meningitis?

      • Benny Goerke

        you do know that polio IS meningitis ? it just got renamed to cover the worthless vaccinations with autism and cancer causing poisons.

        • kellymbray

          What year was it renamed and in what way did they change the definition?

        • Aud

          Oh my god. The fucking stupid. It hurts.

        • Timothy

          Do you know the difference between the meninges and motor neurons? Do you know that polio and meningitis can be differentiated by the type of damage and testing for the polio virus itself? Do you know polio was redefined years before the vaccine was introduced and it was to identify polio as causing chronic paralysis vs acute and temporary paralysis caused by other agents. Do you know even after the redefinition we still
          had the largest epidemic in US history in 1952?

          • Liz Turner

            Polio can be treated with vitamin c, so it really doesn’t matter what causes it.
            Vitamin c vs Polio inducing vaccine. It’s a no-brainer.

          • T

            This comment is so incorrect it’s hilarious, even moreso than most of the other comments here.

            First, we already know what causes polio, it’s called the polio virus.

            Second, yes, I’m sure that one of the most devastating diseases in history happened just because we weren’t eating enough citrus fruit. You know there’s actually a disease that can be treated with Vitamin C, it’s called Vitamin C deficiency. If you try to take Vitamin C as a therapeutic agent for anything else, well, enjoy your placebo.

            Third, do you even know what Vitamin C does? It hydroxylates collagen precursors. If you can give me a mechanism stating how hydroxylating collagen precursors can actually repair spinal cord damage, then you would win a Nobel Prize because you could cure hundreds of thousands of disabled people with nothing but lemons and limes.

          • Sarrh

            I wouldn’t say her comment is hilarious, I’d say it’s sad. These are the kind of people who will harm innocent children in their own ignorance.

          • Prudence Dagg

            Most probably the idea would be to treat the disease before it got that far, just as antibiotics would be recommended for MRSA (or alternatives, but I won’t get into that debate) before the staph had eaten too much of one’s hand or arm.

            Isn’t this called setting up a straw man?

          • nivchek

            Yeah, like Vitamin C does one single thing and nothing else. And you would know because you know everything. You cannot have any credibility when you talk like that.

          • Cordel

            Oh, dear. I cannot believe the ignorance. We were taking vitamin C when our friends were crippled or killed by polio. Google Iron Lung and see how it was to be stricken by polio.

        • Cordel

          Are you serious? Meningitis is a completely different disease. No wonder people do stupid things like depriving their children of protection from dangerous, potentially deadly diseases.

    • Sarrh

      Yeah, EVERYTHING that Google pulls up is from a reputable source. Wanna know how I know that? I googled it, obviously!

  • Meg

    I was banging my head against a wall reading this asinine article. Not only is it littered with grammatical and factual errors (American and European countries? REALLY? There is only one American country. It’s called America), it’s so mind-numbingly inaccurate that I have to believe this is a practical joke. It also reeks of paranoia. So the US government has a secret base to conduct bioterrorism through the use of vaccines? Oh, really, how interesting. If it’s so secret, how does random internet blogger know all about it?

    This is stunningly stupid. Vaccinate your kids, people. It’s such a first-world “problem” to decide whether to vaccinate or not. I can refute every single one of these claims.

    Oh, and this bears repeating: VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM.

    Thimerosal has been removed from almost every childhood vaccine, with the exception of the flu vaccine, and yet incidences of childhood autism have continued to increase. Additionally, aluminum poses no threat us. Infants ingest more aluminum through their mother’s breast milk than through vaccines. Unless you have kidney failure, aluminum is harmless in such small quantities. And formaldehyde? HAHA. You ingest more formaldehyde in an apple than in vaccines. The body naturally creates it, too.

    There’s just so much wrong here. Just so much idiocy.

    • Kara

      Please go ahead and vaccinate yourself with the entire childhood schedule, minus the few that you got as a child. Then let us know how you get on.

    • Candice

      REALLY – There is only one American country and it’s called America? Are you serious? How about North America, Central America and South America??? North America covers Canada, The United States and Mexico. The United States of America is NOT the only American country and while many uneducated Americans such as yourself would like to believe this, perhaps it’s time you took a geography class and learned this simple and well known fact. South America has 13 countries and Central America has 7 countries for a whopping total in the American countries of 23.

      I would love to go on to educated you about the rest of your comments but truthfully, it would be futile. If you cannot understanding something so basic in geography, I doubt educating you in the problems with vaccines would get anywhere.

      • Justsayin

        No, actually she’s right. The the only American country is the US. That would be why Canadians and Mexicans don’t refer to themselves as “Americans.” Globally, America is a single country. “American countries” are not a thing. North American countries, yes. Latin American countries, yes. South American countries, yes. American countries? No. If someone says “American” we all know it means the US.

        In any case, that’s beside the point. She’s also correct on every other count involving vaccines. Thimerosal is used in the flu vaccine and a couple of others that are rarely even used, as they’ve been replaced by Thimerosal-free alternatives. TDAP comes to mind. But even so, Thimerosal contains ethyl mercury, not methyl mercury, which is the toxic chemical. Ethyl mercury actually leaves the body quite quickly and efficiently.

        She’s also correct on her other counts, regarding formaldehyde and aluminum. So.

        • drmvann

          Wrong. Ethyl mercury is even worse than methyl mercury. Yes, it moves easily through the body, but it also converts to inorganic mercury just as easily. Inorganic is the most toxic, and will cause damage. Besides, mercury isn’t the only toxic substance in vaccines. You and all pro-vaccine advocates always miss the point. Why are you so willing to go to bat for the vaccine industry, yet unwilling to allow questions and concerns for the safety and effectiveness of injecting poisons directly into the bloodstream of humans. You act as if big pharma has answered every question and proved beyond any doubt that vaccines are safe and effective. Not! Being scientific means questioning everything… in your world, everything except the holy grail of vaccines. Look at the stats, educated folks don’t vaccinate. It doesn’t take a degree to make an educated decision. You do what you want, respect others to make their own decisions.

          • BigRush12

            1. Thimerosal was removed a long time ago
            2. Thimerosal was never proven by science to cause any harm and they only removed it as a precautionary measure
            3. That was used as a scapegoat for people to blame their children’s autism on
            4. It was never in single dose vials to begin with
            5. Working in graduate school, I would disagree with your statement that “educated” people don’t get vaccinated, in fact they are the one’s who look at the scientific literature and get vaccinated for the most part.
            6. Does educated mean college degree? because I have plenty of friends that have degrees that couldn’t pick out a reputable scientific journal from a magazine.
            7. We respect your option to vaccinate or not, in fact we don’t care. We only care about people exposing their children to easily preventable disease.
            8. Your welcome for getting my vaccine. Enjoy your herd immunity.

          • SmartEnough2DoMyOwnResearch

            You don’t get herd immunity from vaccines, better study what herd immunity really means. I suppose you think it is better to introduce a lifetime of toxins into tiny little bodies for no scientifically proven reason. Do your own research because the vaccines companies “conveniently” can’t, for what they “claim” are ethical reasons. So it is okay to inject my child with unproven toxins, but it is NOT ok to NOT inject my child with unproven toxins. What is wrong with that statement and with anyone who thinks that statement is ok?

          • BigRush12

            “You don’t get herd immunity from vaccines”

            Definition – Herd immunity (or community immunity) describes a form of immunity that occurs when the vaccination of a significant portion of a population (or herd) provides a measure of protection for individuals who have not developed immunity.

            “I suppose you think it is better to introduce a lifetime of toxins into tiny little bodies for no scientifically proven reason”

            -I have not looked at 1 article funded by vaccine companies in my lifetime because that is a conflict of interest. Use PubMed and find an entire database proving vaccines work. There is no argument here. You can tell me that the world is flat and you will find people to validate your statement, but it won’t make you right. I’m sure you view peer reviewed clinical trials as “rigged by big pharma” though, so I think I’m wasting my time here. Keep getting your information from websites you find on google that are “releasing the truth”.

            “So it is okay to inject my child with unproven toxins”

            – Nothing in life or science is 100%. Entropy is part of this universe and nothing is certain. Expecting it to be is foolish to say the least but vaccines do work for a large majority of the population. The “toxins” you don’t want to inject into your kid is the exact same toxin that can infect him later so I don’t get the argument. In fact, it is introducing a toxin (from a bacteria or virus) in a controlled manner that usually won’t cause disease. You need to take a basic course in immunology to really understand how your body works but I don’t expect that to happen since you are getting your information off of opinion based websites.

            It IS ethical to do everything you can to save a child’s life when millions of children still die from these easily preventable diseases across the world even today. Be happy you live in the time you do and enjoy all that modern medicine has to offer. We SHOULD question everything but it should be proven to be harmful before we stop the practice.

          • Nachum

            What you said here is all a matter of personal judgement call that is something that every adult needs to make. For themselves or their child. However the last thing that you said is 100% incorrect. A treatment does not need to be proven harmful to discontinue, it needs to be proven save in the first place. There are many levels of safety testsw that have not been done with vaccines.

          • Spicynoodle

            Documentation, please. If you’re going to spew facts, back them up before making a fool of yourself.

          • NoHopeForHumanity

            Not everything on the internet is a lie or opinion based. In fact its the most useful tool a person can have next to a book. You really dont have to research any of this if you just use a little common sense and logic.

          • ASLAN

            Oh,your like my soul sister….or brother….it’s really nice to see reason, critical thinking and someone who loves the truth.
            Vaccines kill, at best, destroy health…
            Here immunity through vaccination does not exist….just a theory.
            Do you find this vaccine debate the most polarizing and futile debate ever.
            I’ve learned no matter what I share, or present…they refuse to read it, then they insult.
            I love my children, I will never vaccinate them.

          • Lisa Blank

            You are obviously too young to know anyone who had polio and a lifetime of pain and suffering from it. How about someone who died from measles? The people who are old enough to remember the last epidemics are PRO vaccines. Doing your “own research” by reading what a number of other people wrote and choosing which person to believe, IS NOT RESEARCH. It’s reading and we all should do so, but it’s not research.
            I love my children and I have vaccinated them all!

          • bob

            Thimerosal is still used in vaccines TODAY. And herd immunity is bullshit.

          • BigRush12

            No it isn’t. I would run chromatography on any you chose to prove it but your moderator won’t even let me post real sources to show you real research off of pubmed showing you real data on the efficacy of vaccines so I’m done.

          • nivchek

            Thimerisol not removed. Only reduced. I don’t need proof that it causes harm; it’s mercury and mercury causes harm. No scapegoating, just simple empirical observation of many cases, and inductive logic. Single dose vials are not the norm. The statistics clearly show that the unvaccinated are mainly among the children of those with higher degrees. Reputable is code for “establishment” which means “within the larger agenda”. If no one is allowed to challenge the establishment, then you create a situation in which nothing will stop the hand of evil. Autism is easily preventable, as are many other chronic illnesses; all you have to do is skip the poison shots. See–we have the same goal.

          • Cordel

            It has been completely removed. The fact that there is more mercury entering your body everyday from “natural” sources, should be enough to convince anyone the tiny amount that used to be in vaccines was safe.

          • Lisa Blank

            Penncillin is made from bread mold. Do you think it’s safe for your kids to eat bread mold? Then don’t give them amoxicillan or any type of penicillin. No no no. Antibiotics are made in laboratories with all kinds of mold and chemicals. Then squished into a pill made by “big pharma”.
            ** By the way, the largely unvaccinated masses are the Amish in Ohio, NOT the higher degreed people you wish you were. They pull their kids out of school at 8th grade so their minds aren’t polluted by the Americans and they refuse all preventive medicine because God will save them. You should move in with them. No electricity, no tv, no radio, no dental plan….

          • RSPLad

            Yes, if you don’t want to vaccinate yourself, don’t.
            But for fuck’s sake, vaccinate your children.
            Don’t let them become victims of your own stupidity.

      • Joe h

        Absolutely Hilarious. Amazing comedy on this site. Candice, please tell everyone you talk to tomorrow that North, Central and South America are all countries. That is all. Thank you.

      • brianna

        That went right over your head didn’t it? Of course he knows that, he is stating that the USA is very powerful and influences all of the Americas. I can’t believe I’m even explaining this to you right now …

    • http://www.fhfn.org/ Family Health Freedom Network

      Meg, if, according to you, there is only one American country, please humor us and show us some grammatical errors. Your political and geographical limitations seem to cross over into your knowledge about vaccines.

      • factbased1970

        Sarcastic idiotic responses. Don’t listen to these people! They pull “facts” out of their asses and in turn will kill children because other vulnerable moms will believe them. Educate yourselves people! Don’t believe this SCUM!

      • bob

        Meg got the geography wrong but that still doesn’t make her other points invalid. You have made some pretty ridiculous claims about vaccines and their research. I couldn’t even read the whole list before realizing how stupid this is. If you do a tiny amount of research, all of your points would be proven wrong. VACCINES, people, it works! Do your own research before believing this nut job.

      • Torian1

        Your knowledge of vaccines is not only ill-informed, but your article writing skills are two. Your source is completely invalid. It has no meaning. Your source is an article which, wait for it, has ZERO SOURCES TO IT. It’s not even an official source, it’s some guy talking about why he shouldn’t give vaccines. Congratulations though. You got more visitors in exchange for possibly killing a number of kids by posting this article. Please go research on primary sources and not these little random webpages.

        • Torian1

          Irony, I used two instead of too.

    • NONEYA


      • NONEYA

        Here are some examples of how much disease levels declined since

        vaccination began.

        Disease Annual Number of Reported Cases:

        Pre-Vaccine Number of Reported Cases: 2007 Percent Decline

        Diphtheria 175,885 0 100%

        Tetanus 1,314 28 98%

        Measles 503,282 43 99.9%

        Mumps 152,209 800 99.5%

        Rubella 47,745 12 99.9%

        Congenital Rubella Syndrome 823 0 100%

        The “pre-vaccine” igures are averages of reported cases, representing yearly

        incidence during the years just prior to the availability of a vac

        • NONEYA


    • Holly

      I’m banging my head on the wall just reading your reply. Go back to middle school and retake Geograghy.

      • JamesRussel

        You must be seriously fucking retarded.

    • informyourself

      It is beyond the sensual reality for a great majority of people to believe that governments (including the United States of the “Americas” a term some people do not realize preceded the mighty US of A of which include North, South, Central and all the countries therein. Better yet search Americas and see what Wikipedia has to say.) are puppet entities. Vaccines (now) are nothing more than a money making, dumbing down agenda by those same people and those same people own big pharma and the entire medical industry including research, development, education, the FDA, and all licensing. What they find even harder to believe is these people do not care about your health or the health of your children. They do not care who or how many die in the process. The end game is control and everything in their toolbox is fair play to them. Wake up already, please I am begging. You don’t even have to look back 100 years to see what some human beings are capable of. Span the globe, look at the crimes against humanity and then follow the money to see who the real criminals are. In every case it is the same people. Never mind 100 years, just look at what “America” has been up to in the last 50 years and trace all the wars back to the source. Stay away from the history books “they” wrote. All the information is out there. More vaccines are required today than when they were first developed, by design. Are there more diseases running rampant? Vaccines are designed to cause autism in high frequency (energy) children, it doesn’t happen by coincidence! If your child is high energy you are playing Russian roulette. Oh I know this is a bold statement and true so it should ruffle the feathers of many an ego!! Do not let fear guide your decision either way. The USA is a corporate entity. Every society and association is a corporate entity doing business and the bottom line is profit and “power” (control by force, if necessary) no holds barred. All of these corporations directly and/or indirectly are owned by the same people!!! FACT

      • NoHopeForHumanity

        youre damn right!

  • klm1974

    The disclaimer at the bottom states that this article is commentary or opinion. If there is some scientific reference to go along with these points of discussion you should include that with each talking point. Otherwise you spout misinformation. We all know opinions are like certain body parts and every one has them, it doesn’t make the info true. Provide data to back it up if you want to be taken seriously.

  • http://www.fhfn.org/ Family Health Freedom Network

    Family Health Freedom Network just blacklisted several accounts and deleted comments. We will not stand by as our readers are being insulted. If you would like to participate in a discussion please do so respectfully.

    • ffhfn

      So saying vaccinating isn’t ok is perfectly fine but when someone disagrees with you by saying “vaccinate your children! prevent them from dying a painful death” all of a sudden it’s an insult? Grow up! You post BS articles like this and can literally cause the deaths of many children and people can’t say anything against you???? Hell NO “Family Health”

    • omg546854

      You’ve literally deleted anyone disagreeing with you. Insulted? More like this pathetic website is a big load of shit.

    • patheticnetwork2014

      Pathetic on your part “Family Health Network”. Simply pathetic. Deleting anyone disagreeing with your pretentious article. Simply pathetic.

    • ANB2013

      Yet it’s OK to insult the intelligence of readers who understand the science of vaccines. Got it.

    • Edge

      You have pro-vax readers too. Why is it okay to insult them?

    • Joe h

      Basically, they are deleting comments with reason. That says it all really. Look above…almost every comment with scientific reason/facts cited is deleted. What a scary, scary website….terrifying actually. Nothing evidence based in the entire article.

      And their reference to “American countries” says it all as well. No, North/Central/South America are not countries, everyone. Sorry. Thanks for a great laugh tonight though (on more than one account). This website is far from credible. Hope some can read this comment before it is deleted…

    • Ian Greer

      That would imply any of you are worthy of respect.

    • Rezchix

      Pho I hope is was Jim bib, Ray Sarah …argus:)

  • Brenda Holloway

    The mercury scare is old news. I am a nurse, and I also vacinated all my children. None of them had health issues. Some of you talk of the flu vaccine, I had the flu one year so badly that I was hospitalized for a week. Since than I have a flu shot every year, and though I may have mild cases of the flu off and on, nothing anywhere near that one year. With all the immigrants from countries where vaccines are not given alot of the diseases are becoming more prevalent again. And than people like you who do not vaccinate their children spread it to others who do not, and who are compromised health wise. You people will end up with very sick or dead kids, and than cry about it.

  • brooklynn

    My child doesn’t get any vaccines. Not because we are part of the “vaccine movement”, or because we shun modern medicine, but because of the way he reacted to his first set of shots at two months. His body shut down and his life was in danger; its true, some children may be allergic to the ingredients, some may not be able to handle what’s in them. Every child is different, and we need to remember that rather than judging based off of recent “statistics” and “studies”. Our children are individuals; they all behave and react differently, and have different DNA. I’m judged for my decision not to continue with vaccinations, sure. But what do I care? I’ll take the chance of measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, polio, and small pox. Atleast then, I would have given my child a chance at survival. His vaccines nearly killed him. For those of you who say I’m endangering your children by not vaccinating, have you ever thought that maybe you’re endangering my child by vaccinating? His body isnt able to handle the shots properly, so when your child gets the live ones, they risks spreading that live virus to my child. Hm. Do I judge you for vaccinating? No way. You know what’s best for your child. I homeschool mine, he eats all organic, takes vitamin supplements, has daily massages and chiropractic care. I do what i can with what i have available and for what is safe and effective for MY child. Vaccines are neither a bad choice, nor a good one as a whole. Its a decision you base off of your child, your experience, and your knowledge. Educate before you vaccinate.

    • eloundia

      Amen I totally agree not every child reacts the same to these vaccines. =D

    • Mark

      If your child had a bad reaction to vaccines and therefore you chose to discontinue further vaccinations your child would still be protected by other parents vaccinating their children, preventing them from catching certain diseases and passing them on to your child.

      • brooklynn

        That’s what our doctor told us. We actually had to switch doctors because his original doctor wanted to continue vaccinating despite his reaction. His new doctor is understand and respectful. Totally not an easy decision not to vaccinate, but after alot of research and experience, I’m very happy with our decision.

      • Liz Turner

        I would never expect another parent to put their child at risk of vaccine damage to protect my children (one of which suffered vaccine damage). That’s just selfish.

      • brianna

        Most of the measles outbreaks last year were in fully vaccinated people. It happens all the time.

  • mdsince2000

    Yes, don’t vaccinate your children unless you want them to suffer a long and horrible death.

    Congratulations! Parent win.

  • ffgse1970

    Turns out many diseases are coming back now since idiots like this have prevented their children form being vaccinated. Good thing it’s your children that’ll be in the graves and not ours. Choose your sources wisely people.

  • dfhdh2070

    Yeah if you want to bury your children 😉

  • health1980

    I LOVE how any comment saying vaccination is ok is being deleted. Lets you know what kind of website this is. Mothers, PLEASE don’t listen to scum like this. Save your children’s lives! You don’t want them to suffer; vaccinate. You’ve been vaccinated as a child were you not? You’re healthy and capable, SAVE YOUR CHILDREN’S LIVES! They are too precious to waste based on these idiot’s opinions!

  • Zach

    When I try to post a comment that shows how hypocritical FHFN is being, they delete it. Free speech is only okay if they say so, I guess. Parents, please get your information from legitimate sources that use scientific evidence to support their claims, published by actual doctors.

  • venkateswar rao

    i am surprised to know this … i never thought vaccines can be like this. In india polio is the disease which shattered many people dreams, recently Indian medical govt is very happy as it registered zero cases of polio saying thanks to vaccines . i am ignorant of all this stuff.
    are there any people who have not vaccinated themself or their children and with out any serious problems .. please share your information
    thanking you

    • Marie b.

      Please do not take anything on this website as fact. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and truly do real research. Look for evidence-based articles with actual studies done. Not poorly written articles with no facts or reliable sources. Do not let the fear of autism this article promotes (that link was based on ONE study that has since proven to be fraudelent…because these people all lie and are delusional) override your responsibility to keep your children safe and alive. Not to mention keeping other people safe. Measles has now re-emerged in NYC because of these selfish individuals who don’t vaccinate. That instance can be easily found in any newspaper if you google it.

    • Liz Turner

      Ven, my unvaccinated child is much healthier than my vaccinated child. And polio can actually be contracted from the oral polio vaccine.

      • asdfa

        that is your reason for not believing in vaccinations? because one child is “healthier” than your other child? that gives you the authority and expertise to speak so adamantly on this issue? what if i told you 1000 of my vaccinated patients are “healthier” than my non-vaccinated patients?

        this is not how medicine works.

    • adsfa

      the above gossip column style article is biased and incorrect on so many levels. do not believe it. speak to your physician about this issue.

    • Kat

      There are millions of children who have not had any reactions from vaccines, including mine. Like any drug/medicine, there are potential side effects. Although many on this site may disagree with me, the side effects from vaccines are low. In Ontario (Canada) last year, out of 7.2 million vaccines given, there were 56 severe reactions (mainly to the flu shot). I am sure the per capita instance of severe polio complications/deaths in India were much higher than 7 out of a million people.

      • Prudence Dagg

        But the children who do suffer those severe effects matter. It’s time to stop smothering the voices of those who are NOT okay.

  • mmpfot99

    Our health authority in Canada (so not all of Canada) mandates that all health care workers receive an annual flu vaccine or wear a mask. In 2012, my husband received his flu vaccine and the next day experienced arthritic like symptoms – swollen knee, inflamed aching joints, etc. He had difficulties walking so used a cane. He was on pain killers and anti inflammatories, and off work for 2.5 months. He never fully recovered. He chalked up the timing of his symptoms with the vaccine as mere coincidence. The following fall, 2013, he received his flu vaccine again. The next day, same scenario, exact same symptoms. This time, he sees a correlation between this vaccine and his symptoms, and will refused the flu vaccine in the future.

    • SmartEnough2DoMyOwnResearch

      I had the same reaction to the MMR shot I was forced to get when I was an x-ray tech in a hospital. I had already had all those diseases as a child but they claimed I didn’t have the antibodies so to keep my job I had to get the shot. Then I got the measles and then all the horrendous joint pain which lasted for 6 months even after the steroids they put me on. Giving vaccines is just plain refusing to take responsibility for learning how and taking the time to keep your child’s immunity up naturally with a proper diet, nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle. It is giving that responsibility to a vaccine company who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your child and certainly is not going to support that child or deal with a lifetime of pain and misery if your child is damaged.

  • Benny Goerke

    someone does a great job deleting all the troll comments =) i just wanted to answer them but they are gone. great!

  • Karen Gouskos

    Our daughter Angelica was affected by the DPT shot in 1991. It had thimersol in it and it took all of her motor skills she had aquired. She ended up in a wheel chair and diapers. She received the shot at 2 1/2 years of age and it destroyed her brain. She lived for 13 years and died just 2 1/2 months before her Sweet Sixteenth Birthday!

    • ASLAN

      Wow! I am sorry to hear of such a tragic end for your child and the I’m sure never ending grief you experience.
      Thank you so much for sharing, I’ll take your anecdotal ANYDAY of the week!
      I would have to say, Ancedotals are the first thing I contemplate while engaging in this never ending saga of choosing the right thing for my kids.
      I believe the years of Ancedotals have given me the direction to decide for myself that there is indeed a correlation and causation to vaccine damage.
      Just to satisfy those who would come in here and say your lying, exaggerating or suffering some sort of twisted coincidence…I say, anyone with the ability to reason even a little at this point in the vaccine damage history can see clearly that thimerasol,
      Monkey RNA
      Human diploid
      Live virus

      • ASLAN

        And the sordid list goes on. It has to be so frustrating when you come across a group of people who will take your story and discount your tragedy and truth.
        I choose to vaccines, I choose to continuously educate myself and those around me with the truth regarding the pharma agenda, the ignorance of those who blindly push them and the sincere but grossly misinformed sheep who go like a lamb to the slaughter furthering the damage caused by vaccinations.
        Again, thanks for sharing your story!

        • ASLAN

          The above should say I CHOOSE NOT TO VACCINATE MY KIDS!
          No vaccines are good, safe, effective…they are genocide.
          I again, my above comment should read… NO TO VACCINES!
          Health freedom
          I choose not to vaccinate my kids and I enjoy the health freedom to do so.
          Herd immunity is bogus, not only JUST a theory…it isn’t backed by science.
          To those who believe in vaccines, go ahead, enjoy your health freedom and vax away…
          What I do with my children is nine of your business…
          I’ve seen comments state that by not vaccinating your children, you should be brought up in neglect charges, I say…you should be brought up on charges for poisoning your children with scientifically proven poison.

          • Rob

            What you’re doing to your children has many more effects that what you are aware of. You’re exposing possible illnesses to the children of OTHER parents, risking the well being of many children simply because you believe big brother wants to purposefully poison the masses, and ultimately its people like this who have brought back outbreaks of diseases that were thought to have died out years ago. We may not 100% understand the effects of vaccination, but from what I’ve seen, its the lesser of the two evils. You have the right to make choices for your family and children, but when that choice has the potential to tear apart other families simply because you read half-true bullshit on the internet, that crosses a VERY clear line.

          • ASLAN

            Rob, in truth, it is you who have only read half truth bullshit as you put it! Your vaccinated children shed …they also carry disease, among the last ten outbreaks, from pertussis, mumps and measles, were among the vaccinated, or the majority percentage, you can look that up.
            I’m not here to convince you of the damaging affects of vaccines,
            You say, we may not know or understand 100% of the effects of vaccines, well…until you do know 100%, then this conversation is going nowhere. My responsibility is MY child…NOT yours!
            The deteriorated health of each subsequent generation of vaccine damaged children speaks for itself. Vaccines are fraudulent! You can not Take aluminum and inject into your healthy baby and get a healthy result…you also can not take human diploid that is derived from aborted fetal cells and get a healthy result. Dead things do not cause life! Msg…antifreeze, formaldehyde, monkey RNA….come on, go examine this vax ingredient list and think about it really hard.
            The one truth you did say, was that I have a right to make choices for my family…it’s called health freedom and it’s protected under the constitution and bill of rights.
            Big brother, however nieve you are, is real…
            Tuskeegee experiment
            Nicaragua experiment
            Margaret Sanger
            Bill gates
            India 47,500 paralytic polio
            Indigenous women sterilized against their will…then and NOW
            Come on, there isn’t a boogeyman behind every rock, just every other…and the fact that I can point to you a list…and that’s the short one…believe me, very short of government run programs where it’s subjects do not fare well.
            Look up eugenics…study it…
            Georgia guide stones…look up there stated agenda
            Stop preaching to me…we will never Vax….and we most assuredly pass you kind of people every single day…get over yourselves!

          • Mia

            In my country when there was cases of sick children, they were those who are not vaccinated. I m grown up and recieved a vaccine, my son is vaccinated. I do not see those vaccines as bad as people think. Think, how you cure snake poison? With delicious candies or with the same awfully bad snake poison?

          • Prudence Dagg

            Rob, you need to read more on the history of vaccination and effects vaccines have *always* had, dating back to the smallpox vaccine disaster.

            We’re always told we’re putting other kids at risk. There is no evidence of this, and it’s used to bully people whose instincts are giving them a check regarding vaccines.

            “half-true bullshit on the internet”–both untrue and rude. People have read books, watched documentaries, talked to families, read studies, and YES, even studied medicine, and not been convinced of your viewpoint.

            But let’s say that the vaccine injury stories on the internet are only half-true.

            They’re still pretty bad.

  • brittany

    I made it to point four and stopped. This person has no clue about science or even how to write about it. I hope nobody takes this advice as they might kill their children. The first point is Absolutely WRONG and this person has no concept of immunology or virology.

    • Brittany

      In addition, if this article wants some credibility, how about having the author sign off with a name & Ph.D, so I can see if they have ever contributed to scientific literature, or even have a modicum of understanding with regard to experimental design.

      A million hours of mom-Google researching will never replace actual knowledge of how to conduct science and/or how to interpret experimentation or its validity.

  • Liz Turner

    “Vaccines do not cause autism”. No, they only trigger it in genetically predisposed individuals so of course that’s perfectly okay with Meg.
    Eating food containing formaldehyde is exactly the same as injecting the stuff – again, according to the divine gospel of the enlightened Meg.
    As for Aluminium, there haven’t been any safety studies on the accumulative effects of injecting infants with the stuff – EVER.
    So keep banging your head against that wall, Meg. Your impaired mental capacity is clearly showing.

    • asdf

      please provide a reliable source (a peer-reviewed journal, preferably) for any of the statements you have provided…especially the first.

  • Liz Turner

    Meg – South America, Central America and North America are collectively called ‘the Americas’.
    Secondly, vaccines trigger autism in those who are genetically predisposed. This is fact, and has been confirmed on numerous separate occasions. And by the way, stating that vaccines do not cause autism in caps does not refute anything. You might as well be repeating a tired old meme.
    Vaccines are not one size fits all. Let’s not pretend otherwise.
    Last but not least, please don’t try to compare eating apples to injecting a substance found in apples. One gets filtered through the gut, the other gets injected directly into a muscle. There simply isn’t any comparison, not even in a scientific sense.

  • Becky

    So… everyone realizes that this article doesn’t list ANY sources… right? Oh wait, the single “source” listed at the bottom is simply where this article was copied and pasted from… which also doesn’t cite ANY of its claims.

    Just sayin’. 😛

  • http://antivaxersaredipshits.com Bob Phatuski

    Hi! Quick question…if you’re so hellbent on murdering millions of children, why don’t you just blow up a daycare or something?

  • Incredulous

    Holy crap you antivaxxers are dumb as rocks.

  • Ian Greer

    1 reason to disregard this article: It’s mindbogglingly stupid

  • mtent57

    What a steaming load of horseshit.

  • SimpleConundrum

    This “article” reeks of buzzwords and conspiracy theorist levels of paranoia. Diseases that we’ve eradicated 10 years ago are coming back. Diseases like measles and polio are coming BACK because of misinformation like this, and they are KILLING children. Whats next? Faith healing?!

  • alex

    what an absolutely horrible article. cell lines from aborted fetuses? you mean embryonic stem cells? what a piece of absolutely sensationalist, biased, willfully ignorant garbage.


    you cant post a link to where the entire article was copy-and-pasted from and call it a “source.” no credible sources offered at all. uh. okay. not that anyone who reads this trash cares about validity.

  • Quack

    This article is littered with logical fallacies, half truths and out right lies. “. . is known to” is not a source. “Various studies. . . ” without proper citation, are not sources. “It has been scientifically proven. . ” without citation or any proper source, again, is NOT A SOURCE.

    You can’t just say “THIS IS TRUE BECAUSE REASONS” fifty times and make this fiction real. The anti-vaccination crowd, if you want to actually inform yourself, you’d be wise to avoid sensational, over-the-top clap-trap material like this. This article will only make you less informed. As for the author and the owners and operators of this web-site, your dangerous lies have been noted. And as others have stated, if your so interested in helping children succumb to completely preventable disease, why not just go to a hospital and start butchering kids out right? At least that would be honest.

  • Aimeee

    is there a reason every comment with a pov other than the author’s has been deleted? the comment thread is very skewed toward DO NOT VACCINATE

  • Aimeee

    (my comment posted before I finished my train of thought so awayyyy we go)
    even though I’m sure some of them were very ignorantly worded is there really reason to censor the opposing view?

  • asdf

    you do not understand the concept of toxicology. the highlight of this rubbish of a source keeps commenting on mercury being present in vaccinations. the levels of mercury are so low that there is no physiological harmful response. for example, iodine is lethal to the body at high doses…yet if the body does not have enough iodine present, there will be debilitating pathology. this holds true for every chemical (including water and oxygen).

    who am i kidding though–this is going in one ear and out the other. keep relying on garbage sources and porn stars for all your “research” into vaccinations. it sucks that your kids will have to suffer due to your stubbornness and ignorance.

  • Dr_Devious

    I am going to just count this blog as bunk starting with your very first point. You have no understanding of what vaccines actually are or what they do.

    If you did you would know that “most” vaccines are weakened, or dead versions of the disease, but in the case of small pox, it is actually an infection of the cow pox which is in the same family that is the vaccine to prevent small pox.

    So I am just going to leave you with that, hopefully so other uninformed individuals can quickly move to material that isn’t over-sensationalized garbage. :)

  • Sarrh

    Like, OMG! So true about vaccines! I had zero knowledge about vaccines, immunology, biochemistry, or ANYTHING about the topic until I heard about it from the internet and celebrities, and obviously ALL THE INFORMATION THAT COMES FROM THOSE SOURCES ARE TRUE. So reliable! Now I don’t need to be educated to understand the complexity of how vaccines are created or how many trials they have to go through before the government will allow them to be given to humans.

    I guess this will be a form of population control – the children of parents who believe some sort of conspiracy theory about vaccines will die of preventable diseases, and unfortunately children who are unable to get vaccinated will be exposed to that as well. Oh well, at least the blood of innocent children’s death will be on their parents hands.

  • dozr

    a crap load of illogical arguments number 5 basically says “the demographic that is targeted by vaccines, hardly ever get the diseases that the vaccines are for”…… yea because this group gets vaccinated stupid.

    5. There is no scientific basis for vaccinating infants. As per senior doctors quoted by the Times of India, “Children suffer from less that 2% of vaccine preventable illnesses but 98% of the vaccines are targeted towards them.” The vaccine pioneers who have recommended abundant caution before vaccinating the population have never advocated regular mass vaccinations without any threat in sight.

  • guy incognito

    You people should have your children taken away. You are all directly responsible for the death and suffering of children. Their blood is on your hands.

  • Susie

    Oh the stupid… it huuuurts… Not me personally because my parents were smart enough to vaccinate me. But seriously. You fucking idiots. I’m sick of this shit. This is why there has been a resurgence of diseases we PRACTICALLY GOT RID OF! FUCK! I am just too mad to not use profanity. Seriously. FUCKING seriously. This is just ridiculous. The ONE study that made people freak out has been proven to have been falsified. Give it the fuck up.

  • Tony Mitra

    I have good reason to strongly believe that vaccination does more harm than solve any problem, least of all prevent decease in the child that is vaccinated.

    I also believe it is false logic to think than an un-vaccinated child can pass sickness to other ‘vaccinated’ kids. The very idea of inoculation is that the person thus inoculated is resistant to the decease and will not get sick, with or without contact with another kid that may or may not have been inoculated and may or may not carry the decease.

    Altogether, the natural immunity that a child builds up by being exposed to various pathogens through its growing years have been fine tuned through millions of years of evolution. But vaccination, as a very recent and modern science, has never been put to the rigorous independent test to check if it really works or not. I have good reason to believe that it often makes healthy kids sick by vaccination. This is a fact, in the third world country, that is suppressed by well orchestrated propaganda of biotech lobbies and promoters.

    The rise of chronic illness in North America in the past twenty years should be an eye opener to folks, and I am happy to note that a rapidly rising percentage of your parents are questioning the very science and logic behind mass vaccinations of all youngsters.

  • MIstwalker

    This article is a giant pile of crap. Nothing is cited in it, almost everything is completely wrong, and those few fragments that are right apply to India only (where medical conditions are absolutely atrocious, and fake medications abound), or are so far removed from context they are completely meaningless.

    • Prudence Dagg

      Can you point to 1-2 specific errors, giving sources?

  • Dr Zac

    As a medical student who as spent the better part of the last 3 years studying medicine as my job (all day every day), I have learned that unfortunately explaining why vaccines do work and linking countless studies that support my information does not change opinions. Some people are committed to their belief that vaccines are evil, dangerous,and made for profit, and use of sound science won’t correct this issue, which is a major public health danger. What I will say is this, to all you out there who believe vaccines are some huge profit machines: Doctors would make so much more money without vaccines. A few days in the hospital with a measles infection costs 100s of times more than the entire vaccine schedule does. If doctors and pharmaceutical companies were all about profit, vaccines wouldn’t exist. Plain and simple.

    • Dr. Mom

      Such condescension…..You are perfect for molding. Everything you said, holds true to you, except you might be a little worse…you lie!
      People who do not vax, are not taking this lightly, it was with much tiny dedicated to research. To be able to make a sound decision. Vaccines are deadly, thee hit a one that oats value. The dr. Is not God and I’d rest her be in the hospital…which is such fear mongering …than to get a measles shot. I’ll take the disease…you can have the shot.
      The pro vax camp and the desperation you attempt to make us non vax people look like a bunch of hippies, ignorant and abuse patents..what a shame…
      Health freedom, alternative health…I’m not going to a dr who this they are the main authority…
      There is nothing left to send you to read….you refuse to read it and then you falsely refute it. You are guilty of the very thing you insist we do.
      Your angry because we don’t just believe lock stock and barrel everything we see.

    • Dr. Mom

      So, as a medical student you’ve spent the better part of three years studying medicine as your job all day every day? So, then your really NOT a Doctor …Per se’! But yet, you put Dr. In front of your name as if that should mean anything!
      Doctor means to teach…I too am a Doctor…I homeschool my child, so, but more importantly I tip toe through the land mines of life perpetrated by dishonest agenda perpetuating professionals, and I use the word professionals very lightly, I teach, I research, I engage people who have suffered needlessly by the medical world all in the name of unscientific science. If this were decades ago, you may have gained some respect and the illusion that you had authority to engage this debate…but the truth is, your just a student parroting what they tell you. It is junk. Vaccines are a huge genocidal lie that is trying to fan the flames and keep another generation under fear, sickness and subjection. No thank you. I can show you pub Ned OEER reviews that contraindictions everything you say, from the same source you claim is legit. Why, because as long as it does not jive with your viewpoint, you just discredit it. You take away your trustworthiness and I would never put your judgement before my common sense and research. And the ace in the whole your crowd can’t control…is the almighty Ancedotal….these parents are a warning to everyone who hasn’t escaped the medical dogma….they are coming out from among you,

  • Steven Liebl

    Really wish i could take credit for this, but i can’t:

    You are the worst person.

    You can be a vegan and whine at people, thats hurting nobody but when
    you tell people to not take vaccines, you’re endangering public health.

    If YOU mixed mercury, aluminium phosphate, ammonium sulfate,
    formaldehyde and viruses and injected it into someone, you’d kill
    someone because you have no pharmacological experience.

    If someone in a lab mixed those together, they know how they work,
    they have medically assessed and peer reviewed evidence and strict
    guidelines to follow to create a safe and effective product. Why is it
    legal? Because they know what they’re doing and know how to spell
    “phosphate” and “ammonium”.

    Why don’t YOU educate yourself instead of subscribing to the notion
    that all scientists are evil and want to poison you are your natural,
    vegan lifestyle. I say this as a fucking IMMUNOLOGIST, you are single
    handedly responsible for the skyrocketing resurgence of deaths caused by
    TB, measles and the worrying prospect of smallpox returning.

    Let’s break this one down and give you some education.

    * Mercury is an element in the compound thiomersal which was part of
    many vaccines. It has been claimed with NO tangible evidence other than a
    multifaceted correlation that thiomersals cause autism. This has been
    investigated thoroughly and no causal link has been found.

    * Aluminium phosphate is an aluminium salt which is used as an
    adjuvant in vaccines. An adjuvant is a compound which causes an immune
    response to be higher and stronger, so that the immune system comes into
    contact with the attenuated virus more, so that it can recognise the
    antigens of the virus and provide immunity. They are a necessary part of
    the vaccine if you want it to work well.

    * Ammonium sulfate is used in the process of purifying the proteins
    in the synthesis of a vaccine. It is also found in bread and flour, so
    you’d better learn to enjoy rice if you want to avoid it.

    * Formaldehyde is used in the treatment and purification of vaccines
    and stops contamination. Most of this is removed before the vaccines is
    shipped, although some remains.

    In my personal and scientifically backed opinion, the war against
    disease is a hundred fold more important than the mum-led war against
    vaccines. Do you want your child to die a slow, painful, agonising
    death? If not, then shut the fuck up with your so called “facts” you got
    from Yahoo Answers and get your kid vaccinated.

    I am going to sound derogatory, but if you don’t have formal
    education in at least biology, you have no role to talk about the way
    vaccines should be done. You have no idea of the actual function and
    mechanism in which they work, and you have is a vague knowledge that
    mercury used to make people mad, formaldehyde is used in embalming and
    that ammonium sulfate and aluminium phosphate sound scary.

    Vaccinate your kids if you want them to live. End of. If you don’t
    then you clearly don’t love your kids and would prefer to see them die
    of completely preventable diseases.

    This has been a rage filled, alcohol induced response from a scientist.

  • stephen

    This is so wrong most especially number 1. The strongest research based evidence that I can present about this is the new born screening test.

  • barb

    All these cases are in India not the “north Americans,” so where is your link between Canadian and american vaccines and these vaccines being handed out in a third world country.

  • Josh

    The reason they want you to vac your kid is because these people get
    paid to do it. The more vac$=more money for the Gluts. The Less
    Vac$=less money for the gluts. Its call agenda 21 and you people better
    get you ass out of the sand. These bastards are trying to soft kill you.
    Vacs causes cancer, reduces eggs in woman so they can’t have children
    the normal way. Now you have to pay thousands to the same medical
    community that gave your the vacs in the first place…DAH…this is a


  • Josh

    The reason they want you to vac your kid is because these people get
    paid to do it. The more vac$=more money for the Gluts. The Less
    Vac$=less money for the gluts. Its call agenda 21 and you people better
    get you ass out of the sand. These bastards are trying to soft kill you.
    Vacs causes cancer, reduces eggs in woman so they can’t have children
    the normal way. Now you have to pay thousands to the same medical
    community that gave your the vacs in the first place…DAH…this is a


  • ReallyYoureDumb

    Why are all these stats from India? Why are all the anti-vaccine studies private studies from India that haven’t been peer reviewed? Why did you copy and paste a random list from 2011 which only source is a not for profit organization from a developing country. You are an idiot.

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  • triniwife

    i’m not a researcher or a medical doctor and sure as hell HAPPY i’m not like that stupid mccarthy chick. i had vaccinations as a kid and i NEVER had anything serious go on with me. right now i have rheumatoid arthritis, had it for 5 years. has NOTHING to do with any dam vaccinations i’ve had as a child. i take methotrexate. reading how it’s said that these shots are dangerous for kids so don’t give them to the kids… i’m taking a chemotherapy drug in really high doses to control the progression of my disease. now THAT’S dangerous. with that my immune system is even more screwed up. you know what happens to me when someone has the flu or a simple cold that is around me? i get it TEN times worse. can you IMAGINE what would happen to me when a kid didn’t get vaccinated for some dreadful disease and they were around ME? oh i can. i’d most likely get the same thing AND worse ,AND die. ANY kids i know of that aren’t vaccinated are NEVER coming near me, and if they do i will CERTAINLY blast their parents who could care less. so again. those toxins introduced to my body as a child kept me from getting all SORTS of diseases. now i have toxins introduced to my body as an adult keep me from living a life of pain and suffering and early death. if i had kids you can be SURE i’d be making sure they had their vaccinations and anything else that’s required for them to live happy and healthy as children like i did.

  • fuckantivaxxers

    You’re all fucking idiots and sheeple. This article is complete fucking bullshit, and you anti-vaxxers are going to be the death of many. Do your goddamn research with REAL facts and not this bullshit.

  • Nojustno

    Are you all on crack?! Thanks to all of you against vaccinating your children, it puts the rest of the population at risk for all of these diseases. So thank you for that. You’re all idiots, I work in health care that puts me at risk and my wife at risk too and my whole family. There are reasons why there are diseases in third world countries because they don’t have vaccines there!!! Thank you for bringing the measles back, give your heads a shake

  • vasil

    Yes, Yes, let the natural selection work! The dumbest people that deny the progress will disappear soon.

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  • Science Viking

    The stupid in this article is causing me physical pain. It burns.

  • Lisa Blank

    This is full of lies and bullshit. Anyone who believes this crap and allows their child to die from a preventable disease should be shot. Because we do NOT need any more stupid people. We have so many already….

  • Sarah, concerned nurse

    I would like to keep an open mind, but you put up too many red flags. I cannot believe any of these statement because you provide too many holes. Anything blatantly slanted incurs close scrutiny and fact checking. In order to be taken seriously, please provide consistent, reliable reference for your statements. If you want pro-vaccine evidence to be presented only by “official” studies, then don’t count “private” studies as part of your anti-vaccine evidence. Please provide logical, systematic view on this issue, your methods cause your arguments to seem desperate, as if grasping for straws. Furthermore, a great number of these points are India specific. Maintain your integrity by dividing your list into specific and general statements. You have lumped and generalized your reasons in order to support your heading of “50 reasons. . .” when for the reader, only some of the reasons apply to them. As a nurse, I truly want what is best for my family, patients, and my community. However, I will not make such a vital decision without sound, scientific evidence. Your list has made me take the side of pro-vaccination.

    • Sarah, concerned nurse

      I should clarify: Your list has made me wary of the anti-vaccination movement, not simply aided me in picking sides.