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Believe Me Applying Eyeliner Is Really Easy! Try These Tips To Become Pro

Eye liner is always top on the list when it comes to make up essentials, because it doesn’t require any occasion to wear. Not all women are pro at applying an eye liner. Important thing is applying liner is a little too delicate with the makeup of the eye – the eye shadow. This guide is for all you beginners looking for the right way to ace the art of applying the eyeliner and for those who wish to try with a few amazing application styles. So, flutter those pretty eyes, and read on and learn new techniques:

Types Of Eye Liner

First you have to choose which eye liner is best for you as you have three options liquid, gel and pencil. A pencil eye liner are good but does not spread well. The second type is gel eye liner, it is very easy to apply and it seems as easy as we apply nail paint. The Third one is liquid eyeliner; it might be tough for those who don’t know how to apply s it requires accuracy.

Peel off Lip: Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally At Home

Soft and pink lips look attractive and give your face a beautiful look. However due to pollution and weather conditions often our lips get dry and cracked and loose it its natural pink texture. There are many lip gloss and lip balms available in market today to maintain your lips, but the effect of these products is not long lasting.

To get pink lips naturally at home, you can make a peel off mask at your home itself. Scroll over  :

11 Factors That Will Boost Your Metabolism
If you want to improve your health or lose weight, the first thing to pay attention to should be your metabolism: it has a great influence on how our body cells are supplied with energy and nutrients. Metabolic dysfunction usually causes excess weight.

Schedule your meals

Our body is smart. It expects to be fed at a certain time, and so it uses most of its energy by this time, knowing that it will receive more energy soon. But if your meal schedule is irregular, your body stores energy instead of using it, because it’s not sure if it’s getting any new energy soon. Eating every 3-4 hours will help your body to use all of its energy.

Drink more liquids

Sufficient fluid intake contributes to good metabolism. When your body is deprived of water, you burn less calories. Also, your liver is concentrating on restoring your water supply and not paying much attention to burning fat. That’s why you should drink more! If you are not used to drinking a lot of water, drink tea. Green tea is great when you need to meet your daily hydration needs.

9 Quick Ways to Lose Your Thigh Fat
There’s no one exercise or food that specifically helps you lose weight in your legs—spot reducing fat doesn’t work—but keep reading to find out what can help you trim down.


Burning calories is key to reducing your overall body fat, and heart-pumping cardio is going to make that happen. Choose the types that burn the most calories, such as biking, running, and jumping rope. As a bonus, these also tone the legs while you’re doing them. Do 60-minute sessions five times a week to really notice a difference.


With your incline, that is. Pump up the treadmill’s incline, find some hills to bike or run up, or take the stairs outside or in your home. You’ll instantly feel your heart rate increase, which means you’re working harder and burning more calories than if you were to stick to a flat surface. Incline also targets the thighs, hamstrings, and tush, toning your lower body. Spot Tone

The 28-Day Squat Challenge You’ll Want to Start Now!

The 28-day squat challenge can be done by anyone around the world because it’s really simple and delivers what it promises: a completely new booty!

Why squats in this 4 weeks challenge? Because they are the best exercises to shape and tone the buttocks. You’ll feel the burn in your buttocks and legs, and even in your abs and back muscles.

How To Prepare Your Own Rosemary Alcohol At Home And Eliminate Cellulitis?

Instead of buying it, you can prepare Rosemary Alcohol in your kitchen and use it in order to eliminate the annoying cellulite. This amazing solution will definitely help you eliminate cellulitis once and for all and you will say goodbye to the skin that looks like orange peel.

However, in order to get the best results, you should definitely combine this rosemary alcohol with being more physically active and maintaining a balanced diet rich in proteins.

Beauty Treatments That You Can Do With Aspirin!

In most of the cases, people use aspirin as a medicine, in order to treat certain ailments, but what you don’t know is that it can also be used for various other things as well.

As we already mentioned, people use aspirin as a pain reliever, especially when they deal with headaches. Well, in this article we will show you how you can use aspirin in beauty treatments since it provides an incredible results for the health of your skin. Many cosmetic products on the market contain aspirin, which contains acetic and salicylic acid.

Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Limes (Calamansi)

Limes are similar to lemons because they also belong to the citrus group of fruits and they have the same properties. In this article we will present you the benefits of consuming limes on a daily basis. They originate from India, but nowadays, they are spread all over the world such as California, Florida and the Southwest regions of the U. S.

Due to their incredible health benefits, they have been used in British naval vessels since 1800s.