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What Happens If You Sleep In A Cold Room

If you can’t sleep well at night, you may want to consider setting your thermostat lower than it is because according to many researchers, the ideal nighttime room temperature is between 60º and 67º Fahrenheit. You should try to sleep in a room with this temperature and you will see that you will fall asleep in no time.

This works well because about an hour and a half before bedtime, your body begins to cool down in preparation for rest. If the temperature is higher that this one, your body won’t be able to cool down and then the problem araises. Moreover, viruses, fungi, toxins, drugs and bacteria can make this process even more difficult.

Scientist Reveals The Most Powerful Cancer Killer – Jackfruit

One of the world’s largest fruit that grows on a tree with specimens weighing up to 100 pounds is jackfruit. This fruit has thick and hard green skin with pale colored flesh inside. It is extremely popular among vegans due to its versatility and nutrient content. Jackfruit is also the national fruit of Bangladesh.

This fruit is a rich source of many nutrients including fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium, protein, potassium, vitamins A, B6 and C.  Since the vegan diet doesn’t offer vitamin B in abundance, this fruit is the best solution for vegans because just one cup of jackfruit will provide you with even 25% of the recommended daily allowance of this vitamin.

How To Reduce The Cholesterol Without Drugs?

There are some studies conducted in 1892 which have discovered that garlic contains anti-bacterial chemical called allicin and unsaturated sulfur compounds. Several years later, another study has discovered that garlic also contains another compound which has unscented needle-shaped crystals. They were called alliin. These compounds don’t have anti-bacterial properties, but according to the scientists, by adding the enzyme to fresh garlic, its antibacterial action will be enhanced.

As you already know, garlic is extremely beneficial for our overall health due to its numerous medicinal properties, including anti-cancer properties. The consumption of garlic can help you speed up your metabolism, aid in weight loss, cleanses the body, and it can even fight the damage that free radicals cause to the body.

18 Foods That Promote Muscle Growth And Definition

For all those who want a muscle definition, they should know that the key factor is to lose body weight, but they also need a proper diet and and there is no getting around exercise for sure.

You have probably heared that in order to build muscle, you need to consume lots of carbohydrates and protein since carbs fuel your muscles while protein builds them up. Nevertheless, this is not that simple as it sounds.

10 Usually Ignored Symptoms That You Have Polycystic Ovaries (Plus What To Do Provided You Have Them)

Young girls and women of reproductive age  usually suffer from PCOS- polucystic ovary syndrome. The most commonly targeted group are women between the ages of 18 and 44. However, this is not a strict rule since it can afflict girls under the age of 11. Approximately 1 in every 10 to 15 females in America have PCOS.


Do You Have High Blood Pressure Or Heart Problems? Avoid These 16 Foods At All Costs!

One of the main reasons of creating coronary illness is unhealthy eating regimen. Consuming foods that are poor in nutrition prompts hypertension which harms the supply routes and heart. A significant reason for hypertension is abundance sodium admission, especially as we grow older. In this way, the opportunity has already come and gone for you to roll out an improvement in your day by day propensities, beginning from today.



The consumption of too much salt can harm your heart and cardiovascular framework and it raises your circolatory strain immediately. Moreover, too much salt in your organism will retain water, which further prompts expanded circulatory strain and harms your supply routes, heart, kidneys and mind.

UNBELIEVABLE: This Magical Drink Removes White Hair

This powerful mixture successfully eliminates white hair. In addition, it is a potent remedy that also improves skin health and vision.

In order to prepare it and feel its benefits, you will need:

The Root Cause Of Cancer Almost Universally Ignored By Doctors

President Nixon and the Congress declared war on cancer in 1971, but unfortunately, nothing important happened since then.

Comparing to our cell phones now that are more powerful than our computers, modern science was not able to bring us closer to eradicating cancer even after 40 years.